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We play! 13 months old

Two fun ideas: what to do with your toddler this month.

Who is hiding there?

Try the following funny hide and seek game! Your toddler will enjoy finding and finding you under one blanket. And it learns playfully that people and things that are invisible for the moment are not necessarily gone.

Which skills are supported? Understanding of object permanence (the ability to comprehend that an object continues to exist, even if one does not see it (anymore).)
What do you need? A blanket, a sheet or a large bath towel under which you can hide

It's best to play in your home in a place where your child will not be distracted by other things and can focus on you. Hide under a sheet or blanket! Say, "Where is the mum?" And watch your little one crawl or run around you, and reveal your hiding place by waving a hand under the blanket when your little one finds you, air the blanket and say, "Here I am!" Of course, you can also swap the roles: your child hides under the sheets and you gradually discover legs, arms and finally the face of your little sweetheart.

Reading together

Watch colorful solid cardboard picture books together - this is a wonderful way to enjoy a few quiet minutes! Another advantage: Your little one will love books and stories in this way.

Which skills are supported? Talk, read
What do you need? One to two favorite books

Design the picture-book looking interactive! Ask your child, "Where's the dog?" - and then look for the dog in the picture together. Or ask, "Can you show me the yellow ball?" Give your child time. Your little one can flip the pages when it's done looking.

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And here you can find more about the development of your 13 month old child.

Remember: every child develops at its own pace. If the games this week seem too early for your toddler, do not worry! Just try again later.

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