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Hello mothers,

My son is weeks old now and cries every time the diaper change terrible! I think I do not like the feeling of being naked because he stops crying when he's dressed again.
Do you know that evt. Also ??? Would be grateful for tips!


  • reply - 1: What temperature has the room when you change? Maybe he is very sensitive to temperature changes?
  • reply - 2: I recommend you get a heat lamp. My mouse loves to wrap and lie naked under the heat lamp. She always tries to turn herself a bit towards warmth;)
  • reply - 3: Friends of ours also have a Quängler at home. They got a simple mobile from Ikea without any frills and simply stuck it with adhesive tape to the ceiling. Deitdem the little girl is totally fadsziniert and distracted on the changing table ;-)
  • reply - 4: Aaron can not stand the cold towels. Since I've been standing on the heater, everything is always fine and quiet ...
  • reply - 5: The midwife said you should push the legs towards your body. Most babies do not like this freedom of movement.
    works with us mostly
  • reply - 6: In addition to the heat lamp, we blow dry and bathe. This is very relaxing for you and us.
  • reply - 7: We had in the beginning too. Since we have a heat lamp, he is the bravste child when winding
  • reply - 8: I have that even with the heat lamp. But knows that it comes from the cold air at the bottom after he was washed with a washcloth because he directly starts screaming after being washed off
  • reply - 9: My little one wants to start screaming too. As soon as he notices the heat lamp, he looks up and away again, suddenly distracted. He cries a bit of the cold wipes, so I heat them for a few seconds under the heat lamp then he does not scream ... Otherwise, I realize that it may be that he has fun winding, especially if he wants to start again to cry and I him his popo cream then he stops too. I massage him so said his popo. He loves the << 33
  • reply - 10: I also have a music box when I wrap it

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