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exercise labor


Hey :)

I've recently been more often times these hardening on the stomach, which are probably exercise labor.
Which of you is the same?
How often is normal?
Have that aaaab and on several times an hour. Not regularly, and only briefly, but is this normal?


  • reply - 1: Hey, I have that too and the doctor said, as long as they are not regular, it's ok.

    But as soon as they are regular I should drive to the hospital immediately.

  • reply - 2: I have too, but that's probably more of the belly dweller who stretches out his butt. Does not hurt and is not on the whole belly ...
  • reply - 3: I have it too often. But as long as they do not come in regular intervals and hurt it is ok. But then I have to rest for a short while because it feels uncomfortable. With me come the Übungswehen if I have overextended.
  • reply - 4: Can someone describe exactly how it feels like a Übungswehe? except that the stomach gets hard?
  • reply - 5: Yes I would like to know how it feels like
  • reply - 6: And me too :)
    Have been hurting for about 2 weeks in the left half of the stomach: / and far below in the uterus. Unfortunately, I do not know what it could possibly be, you?
  • reply - 7: The stomach is just very hard, and so far quite painless.
    The stomach is suddenly very hard, and then it is less and less.
    Takes 1-2 minutes or so. Net long.
    And you're looking awesome.
  • reply - 8: I have the unfortunately very often a day and am therefore sick also written ... the stomach is suddenly hard and it creates a very unpleasant pressure!
  • reply - 9: yes, exactly, belly becomes uncomfortable (but NOT painful) hard and it creates a kind of pressure. as soon as the whole thing becomes regular or you no longer feel well and safe at home, you go to the hospital.

    I have the auh now and then .. just during the last ctg came and one was even displayed but not strong enough so that would have said something.

  • reply - 10: Thanks for the descriptions! Thank god, I did not blow any bells, but if they come, you know what to expect.

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