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Nose to do what? nothing helps.


Hello you can not really love anymore in the 14 + 6 ssw and my nose is always blocked, have no cold. Have tried everything from sea salt spray to nasal irrigation. Am really desperate now have bought nasal spray for infants what do you think ??? It just wants to take it to sleep. ... I'm unsure  Help


  • reply - 1: Nasal drops for infants will bring nothing, the drug is designed for babies and insufficient for adults. If I were you, I would have that checked out by the ENT doctor.
  • reply - 2: inhaled .. it helped;)
  • reply - 3: Hello, I myself was nasal spray-dependent ... And I got myself down from the stuff by first diluted the 0.1% nasal spray with panty spray, then the 0.05 and last but not least the 0.01 for infants ... Be ea the cup geqesen odee what ever, try ea aus.immer even better than the 0.1% in the ss to take.

    Did you have the first one now or more often?

    I would still go to the doctor and let it clarify.


  • reply - 4: Engelwurzbalsam has helped me well
  • reply - 5: Look ... Even normal nasal spray is ok for a short period of time. Recommendation from the Embryotox App. Comes from the Berlin Charité
  • reply - 6: I had the flu for 2 full weeks in my ss and took nasal spray for kindeer. It was no different, I felt too bad. I just took it to sleep. and my daughter was born totally healthy;) if even embryotox says it's ok ...
  • reply - 7: Euphorbium comp. Is a homeopathic nasal spray was recommended to me by my midwife. Not to compare with normal nasal spray but after prolonged use I find it helps.
  • reply - 8: Well, I also had a bad flu this week and I got nasal spray in the pharmacy. My gynecologist also said that it is completely ok, as long as I do not take it over weeks. The homeopathic drops, or infant or, Kinderasenspray brings nothing. I go insane when I can not sleep and I need a real nose right now. And my baby is still great. It was now only 6 days, where I took it. So everything is so wild ... LG.

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