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lady's? When did your pregnancy strips come?


I would be interested in burned from when you went off with the cracks?
I've been 4 years old at the hip & my first from the SS 3 days now 18 + 0 (19ssw) and oils & cream every day busy.

I'm curious how it was with you: D

Lg :)


  • reply - 1: Hey, so I'm in the 19 ssw (18 + 2) but thank god have no ... but just like you have already strip on the hip and bosom ... how round are you already? ?
  • reply - 2: With me were on the first ss also around the half around a few stripes to see .... It was extremely hard then the last 4 weeks, as my stomach literally exploded, because I could lubricate what I wanted .... I wonder what the stripes continue to do now, but still smear
  • reply - 3: I do not have any. Am now in the 22 ssw From my first ss I'm only on the breast which. I hope the connective tissue has not aged like me. I'm optimistic :)
  • reply - 4: I'm 17 + 3 now and I do not have anything yet
  • reply - 5: I am 17 + 4 and I have not got any new stripes besides those I still have from the teenage years on my thighs ... even though I constantly forget about oiling ...
  • reply - 6: At my daughter I had the first cracks around the 23.ssw ... I had the worst cracks back then they were already up on the stomach schon.nach the birth was the skin on the stomach then undercut, crass or?
    And now I think I will either not tear or it will not be so violent I've already made sure ;-)
    I cream every day, but that does not help. If the fabric is weak, cracks will come from creamy or oiled.
  • reply - 7: Ne, I did not put any bare abdominal pictures in, after the "Dortmunder" and his "sex in pregnancy". I've been in there, but I've taken out again.
  • reply - 8: What do you mean Bella ??
  • reply - 9: Go in topic "how is your sex with you". Is with me on page 8
  • reply - 10: Why do you want to see naked bellies .....?
    Stripes are stripes, either you get even more or not, you will see everything .... The most important thing is probably more, what is growing in your stomach .... There is nothing against each strip nothing

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