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My friend is just about to leave me.
I am now in the 17th week and our dwarf was a wishful child.
Now he suddenly realized that he loves his best friend and not me anymore.
I'm pretty desperate and at the end of my strength.
For 5 weeks now he is thinking back and forth and lets me hang in the air ..
But enough is enough!

Who can tell me which counseling centers I can contact? What's up to maintenance? Am I entitled to housing benefit?
Thank you for your help!


  • reply - 1: Oh I'm so sorry :(
    I would look for pro familia or after a caritasberatungsstelle near you are very competent and can tell you what you deserve and also help with the applications.
    All the best for you and your baby
  • reply - 2: Oh you do not sound that rosy ..
    Just get in touch with pro familia, the caritas or maybe even the youth welfare office .. Just so you know where you can get the help you need.
    Good luck
  • reply - 3: Oh, I had not thought of Caritas yet. What about the youth welfare office?
  • reply - 4: Hello Herzerl81,

    I am very sorry for you, the best I think you turn to the Office for Family and Social (here in Bavaria it means Center Byern family and social), because you can check the Internet where the nearest counseling center is in your area ,

    Maintenance for your little Bauchzweg reached after the Dusseldorf table, www.dü because you can see who you have the merit of your friend ever look what you are entitled approximately.

  • reply - 5: Yes, according to the Dusseldorfer table that is only about 360 euros. How should I make ends meet? I can not work when the dwarf comes.
    Here, yes, a 2 room apartment costs 800 euros!
  • reply - 6: Oh my goodness and I always thought Starnberg was expensive .......

    Yes, therefore, sometimes turn to the Office can tell you exactly what help you get and where you have to apply for and support you in the bureaucracy as well as Caritas or even the family branch of the social services

  • reply - 7: You get support, 184 € child benefit, & depending on how much you have earned between 300 € - 65% of your salary as a parent. But only for 14 months. Otherwise, there is from the 15th month I believe 150 € care allowance, if the parental leave is dropped. (Is not always the case, & also state dependent) While you get parental benefit, you will not get any support in the form of alg2 or similar because you yes' Wage 'get no matter if 300 minimum rate or just your 65% l (but you can still turn to the pro work that is responsible for you). Since you are then alone with your dwarf, you can possibly apply for housing benefit, but as far as applications and money I would really turn to the Caritas Pregnancy Counseling & for maintenance to the youth welfare office.
  • reply - 8: Son ass! Can I say that. I would like to tell the guy a couple of times. Tips are plentiful. Pro familia I can only recommend
  • reply - 9: Thank you for your support!
    Somehow it has to go on ...
  • reply - 10: If you are alone then there is a housing allowance (housing allowance) if a certain total salary is not exceeded ... I think that's not the case, that's why it's definitely for you. How tall is the apartment? That's another point. My sister gets from the youth welfare service because the partner does not pay (not findable ...) Moreover, the apartment is paid by the poor and she gets entertained. And child support. It's not too much but she and the kids make ends meet. It is a synonymous with the very I mean money for the initial equipment. I love you all. Feel hugged tight once. Get up no go on !!! Nobody deserves that. And if he can not decide then you should have it so much self-confidence. You will not stay alone !!!!!

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