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Hello everybody!
I am now in the 9th SSW and have in other forums already a bit about the application of "Angelsound, Sonoline & Co." read. Has anyone had experience with these devices?
If yes with which and can you recommend it?
When can you hear the child's heartbeat and is it safe?
Many thanks for your help :)


  • reply - 1: I would also be interested in when the angelsound works
  • reply - 2: So I have a friend in which the angelsound already worked in the 8th week :)
  • reply - 3: For me it only worked from the 20 ssw and actually it was just a gimmick. I would not buy again. The heartbeat can be heard early enough at Gyn.
  • reply - 4: Well I will not get him. I just can not imagine that the US is especially good for the little ones.
  • reply - 5: I could well imagine that it is very reassuring to be able to "hear" yourself when you are unsure ...
    I have a very bad phase and have the next FA appointment only in 2.5 weeks. I would like to see for myself and see if the little heart still beats ...
  • reply - 6: I think it's better to trust your own body. If you already develop such a compulsion to control ... Then the babies are only packed in cotton and do not come to experience the world ...
    in addition,to change You can not do anything if you then hear nothing with such a device. Make a crazy one ...
    Just trust yourselves, your body, the connection to your little one and nature! Everything will be fine! :)
  • reply - 7: Hello,

    So I have an Angelsound from my last pregnancy and have to say that has always calmed me down a lot. But I have always found the little girl and that from about the 12th week.

    Everyone has to decide for themselves whether it calms down or rather upset 

  • reply - 8: I have not found my crumb yet! Has anyone heard something throb ???
  • reply - 9: I myself have decided not to buy an Angelsound. My sister used it and almost went crazy when she was so stupid that she did not get any sound. I think it worries more than calms down. But everyone has to decide for himself.
  • reply - 10: I got donated angelsound from my cousin and once even had the heartbeat (3 days ago). Since then not again, but I'm relaxed - is just a little early. Is a nice gimmick, if you do not go crazy when not finding the heartbeat;)

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