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Hello, maybe a few women from near here can get to know each other better. I'm curious where you all come from.


  • reply - 1: Then I'll start. I'm from near Celle.
    Let's see who else :)
  • reply - 2: I'm from Hannover! :)
  • reply - 3: I moved from Hannover to Ronneberg on Saturday 
  • reply - 4: That starts really great!
    Blümchen, directly from Hannover or surroundings?
    Brina, I have to say honestly, I have no idea where that is. 
  • reply - 5: Here from the beautiful Wedemark OT Bissendorf-Wietze
  • reply - 6: In Bissendorf I once played ice or inline hockey.
    Here we are already a few people from the area. 
  • reply - 7: Hello girls! I'm at home near Lüneburg have you all tested positive?
  • reply - 8: Greetings from Göttingen
  • reply - 9: You definitely mean the ice rink in Mellendorf or?
    Are yes in Lower Saxony 2x Bissendorf ;-)
  • reply - 10: It does not matter are 10 minutes from hanover

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