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I'm quite excited when the first may test 


  • reply - 1: Hello dear ones.
    I wanted to ask what you used for SST ...
    If everything goes according to plan I will be on vacation if I can test, because I want to take tests of Germany.

    I'm curious

  • reply - 2: As favorable tests, I think the innovita really great. They also indicate very early. But I always need it in writing, so that I really believe it and unfortunately only the expensive clearblue digital helps. But there are those at s
    Apotal in the net for just under 12 euros in a double pack .... I think that's really good for those with weeks.
  • reply - 3: I've only tried prolamed, david and presense so far.Prolamed hit very late, with the david I had a light stroke one day before NMT and the best was the presense. I also bought the innovita for this cycle, as I've only read good of them lately.
  • reply - 4: So I have the david so far
    But my husband does not trust the cheap tests  
    That's why I wanted to know your experiences.

    Think so mean thing between expensive and cheap would be good.

    Since I'm so after the holiday to BT I do not need it necessarily written. I just want to see if the embryos could nest

  • reply - 5: If you want a middle thing, then maybe the presense of dm ... but is almost as expensive as the cb of apotal
  • reply - 6: Think me crazy, but I had to do a test now! (See "Hibbling on NMT")
    And while walking through, I thought, there would be a hint of pink veil. Now dry and white ... oh man. The wait is now violent!
  • reply - 7: So I only see a slight shadow. Try again in a few days :-)
  • reply - 8: Unfortunately, do not see anything yet. Tomorrow one more, then I see him too! 
  • reply - 9: Gorgeous I was so impatient in January too. My signs were there too before the test indicated what. Wait a few days before the next try and maybe take a digital one. They showed up earlier than the simple tests
  • reply - 10: Yes. Patience is not my strength  
    I will try to endure Monday ... either I get my mens, or just not 

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