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Gift for the siblings child to the birth


I wanted to know if you were
giving the older child or children something to give birth to the new baby, and if so, what? I've recently heard that some people handle it - as an icebreaker among their siblings, so to speak - and now I'm wondering if we should do the same.
Our son will be almost 3 when his sister comes .. many give birth to a doll or toy. But then Christmas comes so fast .. I'm looking forward to your answers and suggestions.  


  • reply - 1: No offense meant, but that's kind of a weird materialization of a really beautiful thing. My son gets a brother ... And a present? What is the learning effect? December is already rich enough, first comes Nicholas on 6 December and then holy evening with many gifts ... In between comes the little brother. Well, my son is 4 and understands a lot or everything. He would even question the gift for what and why he got it now. It just does not make sense to me and I think it's kind of like a bribe. Mine is so looking forward to his brother, there should not distract a gift
  • reply - 2: With friends, the baby has brought a wristwatch and that makes ours now synonymous, because the big one wishes it.YES! December will be a gift-filled month with total sensory overload but if it sweetens the start, then there's just a present. But I made it clear that the clock will not come from the stomach. That's what she thought - but do not want to tell her a nonsense!
  • reply - 3: My daughter is five and is already looking forward to the little brother. There is no extra gift for the event. To the following, however, already. When the family then comes to give birth to the newborn, the older child is sometimes (unfortunately) forgotten. But I've taken care of this case. Little things, coloring book, pens, Lollipop, cuddly toy also packed everything. So that no jealousy can arise.
  • reply - 4: that's the way it is done here. It is customary to take something with you when you visit :) Of course also something for the big siblings.

    otherwise I join me kleetee :) my boys get a sister the little one would not necessarily understand the gift, it will be 2 to the birth.

  • reply - 5: Our big one is 3 & we will definitely have a present for him. And also several little things, if then all bring something for the baby over. I want him to get something. That's why I'll get everything in advance. The big one is always spoiled by us so it will be nothing new for him that he sometimes gets gifts outside of Christmas and Co. But everyone as he wants it. 
  • reply - 6: I think the idea is cute!
    And so we give as a parent of my daughter a little sister and the little sister gives her big sisters a small stuffed animal. The 2 big dear stuffed animals! My 18-month old daughter will probably not know it. But I think it's a sweet idea and when she gets bigger she knows that this is a plush toy from her little sister.
    At Christmas, the little one of the big sister gets a stuffed animal for it.  

    I think the idea is so cute, in 20 years you might still have these stuffed animals and every time you see it think I got it from my sister 

  • reply - 7: My big one got a little dragon by his name and at the same time gave his brother one. Symbolic as a band which always connects them now. Since then, this dragon is always with them in both.

  • reply - 8: We will give nothing to the big one for the birth itself. He already understands very well what happens here with almost 7 years and thus also that his little brother is already the biggest gift. Gifts are generally never given to us without solemn occasions. Just like cute stuff.

    If, however, then visit comes to marvel at the baby and because we generally always have a lot of visitors in the run-up to Christmas, there will be something for the big one. But that would be the case, even if no baby came now.

  • reply - 9: Have I already thought about it, but now I see it like KleeeTee, I have to say. But find it ok, if others something small! give. I find it questionable here more statements such as "The great is always spoiled by us anyway and is used to getting gifts out of turn" autschi ...
    What is more important is that the children who have been shot get attention. I hope for example It is necessary for visitors such as grandma and grandfather to greet the big one first and then to devote themselves to the little ones first.
  • reply - 10: I also think that it is primarily about the fact that the big siblings do not feel detached by the baby. In this respect, so much love and affection despite new family member actually the most important thing. The fact that the siblings do not go out empty when the visit presents the baby, I think good but it should not be synonymous auser.
    Whether the child later still believes when he grows up that the sibling has brought him a stuffed animal from his stomach, I'll leave it up to you. We do not believe in Santa anymore.  
    And anyway I find these rum gifts in this day and age simply terrible. The gifts are getting bigger, more and more demanding. At Easter there used to be a plate of eggs for us and when it came up maybe a few socks. The corresponding counterpart to Nicholas, today, however, everything must be bigger, more expensive and more expansive. For me, that's terrible.

    I'd rather stare at the smartphone a few minutes less a day and give the child time together. This is so much more valuable and important for the self-confidence and basic trust of a child than material things.

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