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Baby Names - What should my baby be called?


In addition to the nickname for the baby, potential first names for the baby will surely be in the minds of the moms. Some already have the desired name in mind, others are still haphazard and some are waiting until they know what it will be.

Here you can exchange ideas about your future name choice and get ideas, tips and inspiration ...


  • reply - 1: Marie and Paul are our current favorites. What do you say to that?
  • reply - 2: So they would be too ordinary for me.
  • reply - 3:

    I think these are two very nice names. Unfortunately currently very common. A Top 10 name would never have come into question with us ;-)

    But generally, I like "ordinary" names rather than "unusual ones" where the child has to spell all his life.

  • reply - 4: Maja, Leah, Luke, Luca .... my favorites 
  • reply - 5: Since the birth of our first son, the name Anna Lucia haunts my head. So if this time it should be a girl then so. Or just Lucia. We would have to think about a boy's name.
  • reply - 6: We think the names are beautiful.

    especially since the children have to pronounce them ..
    our hot Paula, Johanna and Maria ...
    at the 4th I do not know yet what it will be ... :)
    Lotte and Henry would love us

  • reply - 7: Girl: Emily. We have to think about it, boy. Possibly. Ben, Benedict, Jonathan, Tom
  • reply - 8: Since I have the strong feeling of having a boy, the names Luis, Elias and Levi are available :)
  • reply - 9: We like jonatahan and elias
    I do not like girls, but my friend does not. We both like Mika.
  • reply - 10: My first son is Anthony and No. 2 is either Colin for a boy or Amy for a girl.

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