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Is someone an educator?


Hello my dears,

I know since last Tuesday that I'm pregnant. Had an appointment today at the FA, unfortunately you could not see anything on the ultrasound: / The doctor has now written me ill until Tuesday, to look again.

When do you tell me about work, as an educator you have to go to the company doctor and get BV if necessary.


  • reply - 1: Hello. I'm from the February 2014 club, but I'm also a mom from July 2012 ;-) Two years ago I felt similar. Have also worked as a teacher and was allowed in the time where the test result on Ringelrötel etc was not there work.
    Since I worked in the U3 area, my Fa would have liked to send me directly to the Bv. But have bravely held out until we had a 'scarlet fever' in the facility. Because of the Maternity Protection Act, I was not allowed to work for weeks. I then had a heavy heart sent to the Bv. Until maternity leave. In the situation I found it very terrible ... in retrospect, I think that I should have listened directly to the doctor ;-)
  • reply - 2: In this sense, I wish you a relaxed pregnancy :-)
  • reply - 3: I am an educator. Work in pre-school. You can assume that you get a BV.
    The Betriebsätzte can usually not carry the responsibility. Alone because they kids get sick in the facility.
  • reply - 4: You can not say that. I have 2 colleagues who have been sent back to work by the company doctor!

    But I think it's important that you go to the company doctor, because it is also clear what you still allowed.

    Winding, cleaning up, etc. somehow there is only dangers and if you were at the company doctor you know what's up and what not!

  • reply - 5: I'm an educator ...
    We did not work in the nursery anymore

    I get in case of a positive test bv because I already had 2 fgs and it counts as risk ss

  • reply - 6: So I am also an educator and have been sent directly to BV. I have no immunity to cytomegalovirus and ringworm. Therefore you can not just put me in the hoard.
    In the administration one is not set with us. But I've heard of porters doing this.
    The first time I've thought so much about my colleagues, etc. But after the Fg I think that I just have to think of my child and me and thus I enjoy the BV.
  • reply - 7: Thanks for the numerous answers;) So it would be advisable to inform my employer before the 12th Week about it.
    I wish you all all the best :)
  • reply - 8: I am also a teacher, have informed my boss immediately when I knew that I am pregnant (about 6-7 week) then had immediately to the company doctor and have a job ban until including the 20 weeks get SS due to Ringeröteln ...

    Wish you a great pregnancy, enjoy it: - *

  • reply - 9: Super !. I did not have to ask my question. I am also an educator and have 16 children from 2-6 years. Unfortunately, I have only on 19.11. The date and I have to wait until then. I am now 5 + 3
  • reply - 10: Hello dear ones, since I am also in the employment ban since I have no immunity against cytomegalovirus. Since I work with children at the age of 3-6 years, the company doctor could issue me no employment ban. My employer was the risk but too big and he has the job prohibition pronounced me.
    My question is, is it similar? Do I have to give this in writing? And do I have to pay attention to anything now?
    LG Dani

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