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We play! 19 months old

Two fun ideas: what to do with your toddler this month.

ball Games

Maybe your toddler can now stand alone and kick a ball.

Which skills are supported? coordination
What do you need? A light ball

A normal football is probably too heavy for your little one, a colorful beach ball is easier to kick. Roll the ball in front of your child's feet. Does the little young striker kick back? (You are a goalkeeper!) No matter how little or "dangerous" your footballer is, always praise your child for the effort!

It gets sticky!

First of all, everything that sticks is often a big piglet and, secondly, incredibly fascinating for your child ... and maybe you'll enjoy it too!

Which skills are supported? Dexterity, language
What do you need? A large bowl (preferably made of plastic), cornmeal, food colors (if available), an apron (or clothes that can get dirty), newspapers (if you're inside)

It's best to play outside. But if you stay in the apartment, protect the floor with newspaper. Whether inside or outside, your little one should wear clothes that are allowed to get dirty. Now fill a large plastic bowl with two or three cups of cornmeal. Gradually add water until the mixture is nicely sticky. Your toddler can help with stirring! If you like, add a few more drops of food coloring. After all, your little one can sink his hands in the bowl with his sleeves rolled up. Pick up some glue yourself and squeeze it together. The more you press, the stronger the dough feels. Let it go again, it slowly flows back into the bowl. Show this to your child and talk to him about the common discoveries!

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And here you will find more about the development of your 19 month old child.

Remember: every child develops at its own pace. If the games this week seem too early for your toddler, do not worry! Just try again later.

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