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Again pregnant part 4


So here we go ❤️


  • reply - 1: I've found nothing new :)
    everything fine here!
    baby still in it.
    Must go directly to the gynecologist for 2-day control ...
    on sunday it is then decided on initiation ...
  • reply - 2: Well maybe he will come voluntarily is there a medical reason to initiate or just because it's over deadline? I can imagine that you are fed up ... But you are in labor, vll it works already very soon.
    Am now in the 37th week, so also final spurt   feel like a hippo and pelvis hurts a lot, occasionally heartburn.

  • reply - 3: I think so!
    I got used to the pain by now ...
    Yesterday I pulled something out of exuberance, now I'm really awkward ...

    Depends on the degree but the last time was really quiet. In addition, the whole contractions yesterday had no effect on the cervix ..
    I have time until Sunday, then the little one out. The placenta calcified slowly more, amniotic fluid and Doppler would be ok.

    well, let's see :)

    yes that's really exciting Timm end.
    would never have thought in the 38th week that it will be sooo late !!

  • reply - 4: Juhuu.
    do you see the woe?

    pity that they do nothing on the cervix.
    but I do not give up hope
    Does anyone have words of encouragement?
    the gynecologist has unfortunately left a little comment that she has the feeling that there would be a caesarean section again ...
    of course that haunts me now ...

  • reply - 5: She wants to make money! Do not listen to her  ! 
    So here you will like it
    waited up to 14 days after ET and I kind of like the setting somehow giving the kids the time they need.
    So ne initiation can be really corrosive ... If there is no medical indication (the placenta calcified always towards the end, enough amniotic fluid and Doppler are the better clues)
    I would wait as long as possible! And do not give up hope for a natural birth;)
    hold on, final spurt! I'm looking forward to the first sibling photo    

  • reply - 6: What was the reason for the caesarean section the first time?
  • reply - 7: I am 12.10. Morning at 10 went to the hospital for the regular registration. After the welcome in a side note, I mentioned that I was born laboring. The midwife (determined 30 years of professional experience) has just smiled, but examined at my request. Cervix was too, cervix ellenlang. She did not believe that it really started. At 17 clock I came back with 4-5cm mm and when I could let go then, because I knew the shocked Lena well looked after, it went steadily forward. Up to 9cm mm Lars was just as wrong as Lena (which is why it became a section), but everything went well and Lars came at 0.27am;)

    All the best to you!

  • reply - 8: I had too high blud pressure and was initiated at 40 + 0. Always had full blow but Muttermund did not want to rise they have tried everything, balaon, suppository, drip ect.At 41 + 6 we called him tomorrow. Of course I had the whole night blowing every 15 minutes. 7 o'clock in the morning. At 8:36 am I heard joel the first time (imperial cut)

    I keep my fingers crossed that it goes without you and you can cuddle soon

  • reply - 9: In my first child, gynecologist and midwife told me that starting at 41 + 0, I had to go to the hospital. They sent me away twice because of amniotic fluid and good Doppler and CTG. The third time I insisted on the introduction.
    The Maibaby had contractions at 41 + 0 alone, six hours before my appointment. I cross my fingers for you.
  • reply - 10: You can see that well. I hope it starts soon. And I thought, when I got so many new entries displayed here, the baby is already there. All the best. Here in Bonn all fingers are pressed. And literally. My son holds my left hand on the thumb and sleeps while I type this right.

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