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Pediatrician Leipzig - all full ?????


Hello dear Mamis from LE, I am desperately looking for a good pediatrician in the center! (RECEIVING PATIENTS)
I am with my mouse at the moment in the medical center on Listbogen and unfortunately not satisfied! The doctor tells me here that I should give tea and water between the breastfeeding meals (!!!!) - I am still fully satisfied.
and you always have long waiting times ...
Such an emergency practice is out of the question for us ...
Please help me! Do you have a good tip without having to go through the whole city?


  • reply - 1: Call your health insurance company. Maybe they can help.
  • reply - 2: Try it here:
  • reply - 3: so there are waiting times with most paediatricians. I live in the Harz foothills, not far away from you.

    You want to change just because your doctor recommends giving you tea between breastfeeding meals? , Sit down with the popo and do what you think is right. That's the only reason I would not change the doctor if you are medically satisfied.

    I also gave my children tea and water in between. They are now two and four, healthy and fit. Did not hurt them either. but you are the mother and decide how you do it. But just because of a piece of advice to change the doctor ...

  • reply - 4: I am with Dr. Scholbach in Schleußig and got off to no problems. Dr. Richter (also Schleußig) has made the U3 with us, there I could have gone further. Maybe lucky? Which area are you from?

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