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What's so special about the BabyCenter newsletter?
What do the readers say?
How long can I get the newsletter?
How can I subscribe to the newsletter?
And how can I recommend him?

What's so special about the BabyCenter newsletter?

When you log in to BabyCenter and specify your scheduled delivery date or your child's date of birth, we will send you our free newsletter tailored to you and your child.
Every week you will receive an e-mail with everything that might be important for you and your child at the moment, because we are oriented towards your pregnancy week or the exact age of your baby. Our newsletters keep you up to date on your child's development, provide you with medical-verified information and links, and share tips and experiences with other BabyCenter mothers.

What do the readers say?

Our newsletter is finding more and more enthusiastic readers. Here are a few opinions from mothers about our personalized newsletter:

"Great that you can catch up with his information." - Christel

"Please continue to send your informative and humorous newsletter :-)" - Susanna

"A big compliment and thank you for the interesting newsletters I looked forward to every week during pregnancy." - Romy

"Your mails are great, have helped us a lot !!! 1000 thanks :-)))" - Manrial

"We would like to thank you for the informative newsletter.
Useful, informative and some tips were also there for us. Of course, a lot of new (for me at least, because my 1st daughter is now already 14 years old!) And worth reading. I am also looking forward to the newsletters (if they appear "only" once a month)
Keep up the good work, then nothing can go wrong !!! "
- Iris

"I became aware of their homepage through relatives and subscribed to the pregnancy newsletter until the birth of our son. Since I was so excited about the information and the way it was presented, I also signed on to some of my pregnant patients. " - Dr. Novak, family doctor

How long can I get the newsletter?

BabyCenter would like to accompany you and your child over a long period of time with valuable information and tips. The first newsletter is therefore available from the 4th week of pregnancy. This is followed by another week weekly until your baby is one year old - a gap of a few days can arise when your baby is seven weeks old, because then the next newsletter will not come until your baby completes exactly two calendar months. Once your child is one year old, you will receive the newsletter every month until your child's 5th birthday.

If you have several children, then you can subscribe to each of them a separate newsletter.

You should also subscribe to the monthly newsletter, which provides you with information on the season, month and actuality once a month.

In addition to our newsletters, after registering on BabyCenter you will be greeted with a personal homepage that is also adapted to your pregnancy week or your child's age and provides the information you need.

How can I subscribe to the newsletter and recommend it?

First, register with BabyCenter using your e-mail address. Please follow the link below. When you sign up, in the About My Family section, enter your child's scheduled delivery date or birthday - if you already know, you can also specify the gender and name. If you do not know your due date, our deadline calculator will help you determine the date. After you have entered your details, tick the box next to "Newsletter: My Baby This Week". At the end of the registration form, click on "Register". From now on you will receive our newsletter weekly free of charge.

Here you can register

We are pleased if you like our newsletter so much that you can recommend it to others.

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