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Do you already know who is on parental leave? Does that make one parent complete or do you divide it up?


  • reply - 1: We do it like the first child that I stay at home for 12 months and my husband tries to get another 2 months. Would be at the beginning quite well, if you have support there - in any case, he takes his vacation. Since it has to be a cesarean section, we know when the little one will come.
  • reply - 2: So I'll start now. My husband and I have already talked about this topic when the topic of child planning came up for the first time. It was always clear to me that I would like my husband to stay home and that I go back to work after the 8 weeks. I have a job where there is no substitution for me and if I fail too long my boss has to hire someone. Then I would be afraid that I will not get exactly this job, but only what comparable. I also think the cover would fall on my head, and I think my husband will do well
    But you get a lot of surprised looks and replies as a woman ...
  • reply - 3: I would have liked to split it, the first year me and the second he ... But probably not feasible as it is job-technically in the very "changeable". At the moment he is employed by a temporary work agency but hopefully will change again for a few months to the old company (seasonally) where he is employed and earns more money. Otherwise, I will just stay the 1 year at home and if possible after finally start a 2nd training :)
  • reply - 4: We do not know that yet. I will probably stay home for 12 months. Whether my husband takes two months, is still in the stars. Probably not ...
  • reply - 5: I have 4mt maternity leave after that I have to work again and my sweetheart has so much I know ga nothing too good: ((
  • reply - 6: I will stay home for 1 year. My husband, we hope, gets a birth vacation.
    After the year I hope the Mösch in the kindergarten, otherwise childminder. I would like to do my transport master. That's why I have to get back to my job quickly.
  • reply - 7: This time I will stay at home for two years. When it was big, there were three, that was too long ;-) One would be too short for me personally, but also here is every jeck different ;-))
    I think that too always depends on the AG and the personal circumstances. In the public service you can be a bit more relaxed because you know that you come back under ;-)
  • reply - 8: hello!

    I will probably again 2 years parental leave submit, after a year but again in part-time to max. Work 30 hours, depending on how it then financially works, I'm still the third year still on it and continue to work part-time.

    So I would have a claim on my full time job until the child is 3 years old and can then decide.

    LG, Elly

  • reply - 9: I stay one year at home and my partner wants to stay at home for 2 months, then he takes me at the same time (one month each) when we do not know vacation he gets in any case after giving birth his boss is very kullant;)
    After a year, I go back to nursing part-time
  • reply - 10: How do you do that after a year of care? Do you give the minis to the childminder ??

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