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Have you already gained weight?


Hello everybody,

I wonder...
Have you already gained weight?
I am now 11 + 5 and have gained 1.5 kg since becoming pregnant.

I got married in february and after that we had a good time on the honeymoon so that I did not start full weight but "normal" into the pregnancy.

Now I hear from all sides .... do not eat for two, do sports, it is still too early to have such a stomach.

I can not hear it anymore. I am well aware that my belly is currently not a pure baby bump. But it's not that I look like I'm already in the 7 month.
I have just a little "Plautze" and yes I like them.

How are you all doing?
Have you already gained weight? When Yes, how much?
Do you have to deal with such "know-it-all" sayings?


  • reply - 1: I started with 80kg in ss and have not gained anything yet.
    My gyn has made me right to sow .... that the way from 80 to 100kg would be a short in the ss. Do you feel right at home right?
    Well. I have stomach. Always. Can not find a vault I could attribute the bean.
    But I do not stress in there either. 5-11kg are normal throughout the ss. Hope I stay in the frame.
  • reply - 2: I have already gained 1.5 kg. I do not stuff myself fully, but eat when I'm hungry and eat whatever I feel like. I'm not a beanstalk. Am now with a body size of 168 cm 66.7 kg now. It is like it is. I stopped smoking about 1.5 years ago and since then it has gone from 58 kg up to 65 kg without eating much more. I got used to it slowly, even though I sometimes hate my 58 kg. Maybe I'll make it back to 58 kg sometime after the pregnancy. That would be my dream weight :-)
  • reply - 3: What a nice doctor!

    Of course there are such and such.
    There are certainly women who go during pregnancy.
    But it is also normal that you increase in pregnancy.

    I have inherent water retention problems in my legs. And I'm really scared that it will be massively worse during pregnancy.
    Then everyone will definitely think that I'm eating too much.

  • reply - 4: So I had first lost weight and then returned to normal weight. I think is quite normal that one in the first
    Trimester up to three kilos increases. Also if you eat quite normal ... so let people talk ;-)
  • reply - 5: I started with 46.7 (163cm) and am now in the 11 sw at 53 kg so I've gained almost 7 kg. Many would say for sure it's too much for the time but I do not care because I've been feeding like crazy all my life trying to gain weight and finally make it :-)

    My sister has also said to me of the sw, I still have no stomach and I should be careful that I'm not fat in the sw-although I've never been! Zz I did not find nice.

  • reply - 6: Hello, I have always had a bit of a stomach and if you know me, you realize that I have a little more belly than usual I have currently taken 1 kg to that means I have jz 66 kg I think as long as you feel comfortable it is normal but unfortunately I am not so good out of myself am only 19 and the first ss
  • reply - 7: So I've also gained weight, certainly 1.5 kg! Today I'm 9 + 5 and just realize that if I'm not eating enough - I'll be totally sick. Try to eat healthy, but still also Kohlenhyrate.Mach you not too many Worry, it's certainly good as it is! The main thing you try to eat healthily ...
  • reply - 8: Hello you ....

    So I was always very thin I ate it and it just did not get any better and now with it I have the feeling that everything I am eating is up, but at the moment I do not think it is really bad! painful nausea!

  • reply - 9: I am 11 + 0 today and I gained 3 kg. Before the pregnancy I weighed 53, 6 kg at a height of 1.60 meters and today I was at 56.6 kg. I think it's quite a lot and hope that it does not go on so fast.
  • reply - 10: Hello ..
    Do not go crazy. ..I am 11 + 4 and have already gained 3 kg. .. clearly you should not stuff it all in but let go a bit well you have it ... I've already got a real belly ... just enjoy it !!
    All the best

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