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employment ban? under what conditions?


Hello my dears. I have a small problem. My boss can not keep me financially anymore, but since I'm pregnant, she can not quit me, of course. I'm in the 11th SSW. Now we have considered that a job ban could help. I am a hairdresser and work all day in the stand and with chemistry. Since we are only two I am alone in my shift. Thus, I could no one take the chemical work as dyeing and perm and also comes even more that it has no auxiliary stool still height adjustable chairs and no exhaust hood for mixing the color. with a job ban, they would get the pay back from the cash or right? otherwise she would have to close the shop soon and my colleague would be unemployed because of me :( what do you think? are the reasons given for a ban? I only work 4 hours a day, what do you think?


  • reply - 1: Hello! So I think that is the reason enough for a prohibition of employment! Alone for the chemicals. That will also be understood by your gynecologist. I have also since the 2nd month of pregnancy a ban. My boss did not want me to keep working. I work in the retail trade and there is no complacency. So stay home. For me it is so that I continue to get my money from the employer and then from the health insurance. Just talk to your gynecologist about your problem, he will understand you and can also assess the risk very well. I'll keep my fingers crossed for that!
  • reply - 2: thanks for the quick answer infinium.hoffe also the reasons enough. But I'm just afraid that my doctor says I work only 4 hours a day anyway. will only address my generalist on it because she is more sympathetic to me. my FÄ meant then at the first examination when I was cramping something in the way like "but children do" in the sense of me should not have me like that. because I have gotten such an impression that she represents the attitude "you are not made of sugar, tear yourself together" but maybe I should flunk for the reasons a bit and tell me that from the smell or steaming is dizzy. what do you mean? I also googled and it seemed like many doctors do not dare to pronounce a BV.
  • reply - 3: Yes that's probably better if a bit geflunkert. I also had to do my FA because he actually saw no reason to write me a ban. But then I was able to convince him with constant headaches and my long drive of three quarters of an hour. Yes, the doctors always make this easy, but they do not have to stand all day and work under conditions like you or me. So let's think of something good, the thought of dizziness, which I think is good, because it will hopefully jump on it.
  • reply - 4: I hope so too. I heard from a friend about another hairdresser who despite problems in the SS did not get a ban even though she was even in the hospital for a week. because the doctor of the probably meant that she should then just cash in. But since I'm alone in my shift, I can only cash in bad. hope it works. Do not want to blame my boss for closing the shop.
  • reply - 5: That was then very irresponsible of the FA. In addition, you can not ask for a hairdresser that she only cashed! That simply does not work. After all, a hairdresser has other tasks than cash, which should actually be clear even to a gynecologist. Well, try your luck, at least I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Can you let me know if it worked!

    LG Janin

  • reply - 6: yes I'll let you know. my next appointment with my FÄ is friday the 13th ^ ^ before that I will yes because of a referral to my general practitioner and I'll talk to her. if that works then I do not need to ask my FÄ yes. as I said I get along with my general doctor better clear :)
  • reply - 7:

    Am I mistaken, or is it not so, that in D also the employer can pronounce a professional ban .... If something happens at work, he is responsible. My sister is e.g. Teacher and women's representative at a school and says many pregnant women would immediately be banned from them (they have to go through a long questionnaire with my sister). Physical education teacher, chemistry teacher anyway, the others may not take a break supervision and so on. And frankly, if I compare the work of a teacher with a hairdresser, then I think that must also get a professional ban.


  • reply - 8: Your boss can also pronounce you the prohibition of employment, if she does not want to take over the responsibility, which endangers the work in any way your or the health of the child. And by the chemicals that is already given in any case!
  • reply - 9: Hello orphelia,

    I also think that you should pronounce you a BV, no matter who, whether employer or family doctor or FÄ.
    However, after such a statement I would seriously consider the FÄE to look for another one in the SS! There is no basis for trust!

    Greetings mip

  • reply - 10: Hello Ophelia!

    Honestly, I would not pay attention to your boss. After all, it's yours and your child's health! Your boss can not give you back if something happens.
    An employer can also issue a BV. But it always makes more sense from the doctor. I think that the reasons are sufficient, even without fibbing: o)
    I work at the airport and do the security checks there and will get a BV from my doctor after the 12th SSW or 16th SSW. He would have said it to me now, but I want to work as long as possible. Although I do not hope so, but I could still lose it. And then I would have to answer stupid questions from colleagues ...
    But why do not you change the FA if you do not feel comfortable with this bitch? That's your right. I did not feel well with the FÄ and then I became a man. But that was before my first SS. And I have to say, I'm very happy. Women are always a bit more rabid than men. At first I had my reservations, but I can only recommend it.

    best regards
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