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Maybe someone of you has something he does not need anymore but is top for a second round.
Or someone has received something that you do not want.

Here it may find a new owner.


  • reply - 1: I have from my first pregnancy, a great maternity pants - jeans left me now no longer fits.
    except for a small defect in the belly band at the back (safe to sew easily) she is in top condition.

    Gr. 36
    Brand: H & M

    Price: 10, - €


  • reply - 2: Sell my baby sling girasol size 7. NP currently 91 €. I would like 70 € plus shipping.
    Is only washed once. My little one did not like it and I could not handle it ....
  • reply - 3: Hello dear moms!

    I am from the July 2018 Club and since we have completed the family planning, I have to hand over maternity clothes and girls clothes size 56-68!

    I have countless tops / undershirts, shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve), sweaters, a few blouses, a winter jacket and really lots of jeans. Almost everything esprit, because I have the best fit, the rest Mamalicious, 2hearts, H & M, etc. Also pants, such as chinos, leggings, etc. The sizes range from M to L, with the jeans are also a few larger ones.

    I mainly have children's clothes for girls and especially the small sizes were never worn until rarely, as my children were both very large after birth.

    We are an animal-free non-smoking household and are always handled with care.

    Just write me if you're interested or you'd like to see some photos!

  • reply - 4: So I would like to see your winter jacket or first gequsst what size she has
  • reply - 5: I have from babymoove the 3 in 1 steamer over which I would like to deducted for a small amount of money. Did not use it since 2 weeks later spontaneously a thermomix is ​​drafted. I think he is green. Since then he is standing in the original carton in the basement ..
  • reply - 6: I have some maternity jeans that are too big for me. Have you bought already used (as far as I could see in great condition), just washed, were indicated with size 40 but are definitely cut further, because of C + A. I would need for 15 euros per piece (same price as I paid :))
  • reply - 7: Hello! The winter jacket has the size 38, but unfortunately it is already gone But I still have tons of clothes, maybe you can use something there. Now that I've been contacted by many about the maternity clothes and baby things, I signed up with Mamikreisel and I'm just about to upload the stuff. My name is "elmindreda"  
  • reply - 8: too bad ... I'll follow you on mk.
    The picture above in the middle would interest me
  • reply - 9: Here I have three Baby Girl Strampelsets and a changeover top. All in size 56 from Liegelind, shirts made of pure cotton, rompers with press studs on the shoulder and in the crotch. All in very good condition. The clothes are not as snug as some of the other brands, so they are nice and comfortable and are great for pajamas.
    I would like to spend 10 Euros on everything.
  • reply - 10: meant the middle up 
    I do not want romper ... thanks

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