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and he drinks and drinks and drinks !!


I do not know if that has anything to do with the Down Syndrome, but I'll ask anyway.
My son is almost eight months old and is drinking continuously. If it were up to him, he would hang on my bosom all day.
He is simply never full !! He spits already, but still wants to continue drinking ... he knows absolutely no Saettigungsgefuehl!
He also drinks rather comfortably ... makes breaks, looks around ... tells a bit (very sweet). But when I think that he is finished and wants to put him down, he always pretends to starve and wants to continue drinking. Of course he spits a lot again because his little kid is just full! Also, he turns immediately on the stomach when he lies on the ground ... his favorite position ... and then of course spits.
He has no drinking rhythm at all! It is also my first child and has no experience, but at that age he should already have something, right?
To fall asleep I have to breastfeed him too ... so he drinks again.
He has been receiving complementary food for a few weeks. He also eats something, but only if he feels like it and is in a good mood.
Where we live it is very hot, I think he is often just thirsty? Should I offer him water?

Really have no idea .... that sucks me out !!!!

Sleeping is also difficult during the daytime ... but has been settling down for a while.

How was that with you?


  • reply - 1: Mine had a drinking mess and therefore drank 10 hours a day. He was very weak.
    With yours it may not be the hunger, but the coziness?
    Some water (or herbal tea) is not an issue at 8 months. I would always use size 0 suckers to strengthen the muscles.

    Does your little pacifier like it? That could also be an alternative to sucking addiction :)

    I have breastfed for 2 years and would like to recommend you to breastfeed at least once or twice daily as long as you can.

    What does his pediatrician say?

  • reply - 2: Hello Simone,
    Many down people actually have no sense of satiety. That could be with you too.
    Maybe you can discuss that with a doctor.
    Maybe it is, as pizzamonster also writes a drinking mess. Let it clarify.
    LG anja
    PS. Nice that you have found the way to us
  • reply - 3: Hello everybody
    So the pediatrician finds nothing unusual. As long as he increases well (was a problem in the beginning) and the diapers are full, everything is fine.
    I am also happy that he has been growing really well for months and growing ... I'm constantly on my own !! :)
    I just keep the constant breasts want too much ... especially when so much comes out again. That does not bother him!

    Thanks for the answers!!

  • reply - 4: Many have problems with reflux. Unfortunately I do not know because my mine does not have that.
  • reply - 5: At that age 'breast milk is thick and round drinking' is still good. You can provide enough exercise later.
  • reply - 6: Well, I would not pathologize that. Not all down syndrome.
    The pacifier on the breast is completely again. The breast calms down a lot, especially when a development spurt comes again. Or vll grade changes. Sucking on the breast gives security and is beautiful. If this persists for more than 2 months, you can still do something.
    Learning when they are full, the children have to eat all, until they spit and then continue because it was so nice is not unusual. So do not worry. I would not offer anything else. Mostly such phases take two weeks and then it's good again. Let him have his joy, who knows what he just discovered with it, vll also just that he can influence how often he gets the beautiful feeling of silence. When the next illness starts, you are glad if he has any reserves :)

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