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So I will not say it at work before the 12th week, just hope I can hide it for so long. And I hope, my terrible colleague is until then then in maternity protection, because their comments I can do without all too well!


  • reply - 1: Would I do that too ... Tunikas are always going to camouflage ;-)
  • reply - 2: Yes, grad in the summer with other clothes that is optimal 
  • reply - 3: So I'm an employer myself and I did not want my coworkers to see what's going on in my first pregnancy. With a few other tops, that's great .. I managed to keep it secret until the 5th month and myself then the few have seen .. That's alright and I would do it again and again 
  • reply - 4: I want to keep it for as long as possible!
    In the first ss I have rather lost to ssw 10/11, unfortunately, then I had a MA. So I am afraid that it will happen again.
    Think that I will not increase in ner further ss synonymous first so badly.
  • reply - 5: When I get my passport, I will say and directly into work ban
  • reply - 6: Is that so easy for you? Would like to part-time BV ...
  • reply - 7: Yes! With the stress that I am exposed to there!
    I do not want to risk losing my child again!
  • reply - 8: Me neither, that's why I want at least part-time BV. I hoped that was enough. Does your FA interpret that?
  • reply - 9: What are you working on?
  • reply - 10: Either my FA or I can also talk to my boss, then he does it for me!

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