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Hello girls in the forum search I did not really get ahead. I am in despair of the home-outfit for our princess. In general, I wonder what I should take for you. What size should I take? What do we need everything? Dear Romper or something special? I would be happy about your ideas and suggestions and certainly more about pictures.


  • reply - 1: I have each a body, rompers and sweater in 50, 56 and 62 packed and socks, a cap and a blanket.
    These are not my favorite parts, because I have heard that clinics steal a lot ...
  • reply - 2: I have a cute outfit in a 50 for the photo and one in 50/56 for the drive home. The car seat plus snowsuit and baby blanket then brings my friend, when it goes home. I decided on the small size, because he has always been rather small and is not to be feared that he needs the same ne 56 or even ne 62;)

    Apart from that, I still have my own burp cloths for the baby, because I do not want to take them from the KH somehow. Also, am I considering whether to have pacifiers in case of any cases?

  • reply - 3: We pack a cute combination of rompers and sweaters with a matching jacket. In size 56.
    He has always been tall and heavy.
    Should he be smaller, the dad can bring a different set.
    When it gets even colder in March, the dad also brings a snowsuit and the infant carrier.
    I pack in the suitcase also a blanket with my husband and I cuddle for months so that smells like us.
  • reply - 4: Thanks first for the answers. Since our mouse is also rather small, I guess I'll take something in 50 too. Pacifier I was not so sure. How long can you keep the well after disinfecting in the box haben.Hab bought for my husband BVB pacifier I would like to take.
  • reply - 5: Do you pull your little pantyhose on the right hand?
  • reply - 6: Yes, I'll have some pantyhose with me and then I'll see how cold it is.
    We were advised against using a pacifier or bottle in the first two weeks if you want to breastfeed. That could probably lead to suction confusion. One should offer the babies the little finger in this time first.
  • reply - 7: We have a body, rompers, ne thick wool jacket, ne pants, ankle socks and a sweater .. But think that it remains the romper + body and nem cover + baby blanket :). So first we do not take a pacifier with us, so my fiancé can pick it up if the KH recommends it to us. Ah and a combo of cap and scarf: D
  • reply - 8: Thanks for the answer =)
  • reply - 9: I'm wondering if it will not be a little dress. Daddy wants that so much. Then, of course, with long-sleeved tights and socks. Would you prefer a sweater?
    Would have a nice warm snow suit and a jacket depending on the weather and a blanket, of course.
    I will wrap up my rompers in addition, I think
  • reply - 10: long-sleeved body, tights, pullover, rompers, cap, thick jacket plus gloves and ne blanket :)

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