Happy Halloween from the Peacock and Pippi Longstocking!


My two girls (ages 7 and 3) share a playroom. At any given moment, there will be princess costumes, tiaras, dinosaurs, plastic laptops, smurfs, crayons, puzzle pieces, etc. all over the room. We had to either organize and hide their toys, or throw it all away. My girls opted for the former.

I got the Expedit Shelving unit from IKEA and 8 Drona bins. I created tags with images of what goes inside. Even my 3 year old understands what goes in each bin.

bin tags

playroom tags games

toy tags barbies

I have 2 sets of tags available for free download. The pink set is more girl-centric, and the blue set is boy-centric. Just print them out on card stock paper, cut them out, and attach to bins with binder clips. Enjoy!

Pink Bin Tags

Blue Bin Tags

Just added 3 new birthday invitations. All three were created for my daughters’ birthday parties.


It was created for my daughter’s 7th birthday Alice in Wonderland party.


This was created for my youngest daughter’s Spring Chick first birthday party.


This was created for my youngest’s third birthday party. Pictures from her Piggy Party coming soon!

Check out all our birthday invitation designs!!

Here are the Valentine treats we made for my daughter’s class.


I had her lay down and I put in a ponytail where her hair touched the floor. Divide the hair in two and turn one section so it faces the other and they form a heart shape. Getting her hair to do this was not difficult, but getting her to lay still while I got the picture was.

heart hair

Next I brought the photo into InDesign and laid some text on top, and created the back of the card with the ‘To’ section.


I had them printed as 4×6 photos. I had to make the image smaller than the print and trim them in order for them to work with the clear treat bags I picked up at the craft store. The finished size of the cards was about 5×3 and then folded down to 2.5 x 3.


Amelia then added her classmates’ names to the back of the folded card.


Fill the bags with candy, fold over the top of the bag, place the folded card over the bag and staple in the center. Done!

Valentine Cards

Here is a roundup of fun things to do for Valentine’s Day.

Crayon hearts from Whipper Berry.

Superhero Valentine from Zakka Life.

Valentine Bookmarks from Edda Photography.

Valentine Treat Bags from Martha Stewart.


Treat Bags at Kristin Eldridge Photography.

Photo Valentine Lollipops from Our Daily Doings.

And here are a few I have done in the past for my daughter’s classes:

You Rock Valentine Tags.

Valentine Printmaking.


It’s on my New Year’s Resolution list every year. I’ve come to the realization that this project will never be complete. Instead of wishing my house looked like a Minimalist’s dream, I have to accept the fact that I have Stuff. And I will always have Stuff. I have 2 kids who like to collect toys. I have a husband who likes to collect techy gadgets. I like to collect graphic design books and yarn (I’m a knitter). My goal is to make room for the Stuff we love. It’s not a project with an end date. It’s a new lifestyle.

I bought this book years ago – One Year to an Organized Life. I like that you can start whenever you want, and pick it up whenever you please. I don’t do well with schedules. When an area of the house is getting particularly unruly, I’ll flip to that section in the book and spend a few hours in that area. The mood doesn’t strike me often, but when it does I like to take full advantage. The book gives good, easy and practical tips on making your life run more efficiently. There are a series of these books specializing in organizing your work, finances and a new one called One Year to an Organized Life with Baby. Definitely need to check that one out.

Unfortunately, the hours-long organization benders don’t come around very often. But I have found a method that works for me. One Thing A Day. Find just ONE thing you can get rid of. The One Thing cannot be normal trash like papers and old boxes. It has to be something that I would pack if I were to pack up my house for a move. My One Thing is trashed if it’s broken, or put in a donation box I have set up in the garage to be donated. Sometimes my One Thing is 10 ill-fitting shirts cleared out of the closet. Sometimes my One Thing is a broken slinky. But getting rid of One Thing a day is at the very least, getting me a tiny bit closer to my house being a Minimalist’s dream.

Merry Christmas from Metro Baby Cards!

Christmas Card front

Christmas Card Back

My daughter decided she wanted a slumber party for her 7th (yikes!). Since she was the Red Queen for Halloween, we decided to go with an Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party style theme.


Alice in Wonderland Invitation

[All information has been changed]

The Wonderland Invitation is available on the website.


The kids were encouraged to bring dress up clothes for the Tea Party. I made crowns for each girl, and my daughter made the wands. These also served as the take home party favors.

Crowns And Wands

Tea Party

Kid-friendly finger foods and Arizona Raspberry tea. We had ants on a log, ham/turkey/cheese pinwheels, heart-shaped PB&J, strawberry cream cheese with crackers, and banana, mango and strawberry fruit kabobs.

Drink Me

Eat Me

tea party food

heart shaped PB&J

Fruit Kabob

tea party

amelia eating

amelia tea


Wonderland Cupcakes

7 cupcake

eat me cupcake

The birthday girl with her cupcake. Happy Birthday Amelia!

birthday girl

Happy Halloween from the Red Queen and Chick.

I’m VERY excited to launch our new Nursery Art line!
nursery art
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Here are some of our new Nursery Art designs:

firetruck nursery art print

Modern Guitars Pink
modern guitars

Giraffes Pink
giraffes nursery artGumdrops Blue
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